Sarah Thorley

Sarah Thorley is an artist, based in Stoke-on-Trent. Her work focuses on 'The Everyday' from her own exploration of the everyday or taking on the role of others who explore the mundanity of the everyday life . Thorley is interested in the shift from form to image and uses photographic documemtation as a base to her artistic practice. Sarah uses photography, installation and performance to talk about how to make the mundanity of everyday life interesting and how it can work in an art context.

Previous work of Thorley's has explored the idenity of ‘roles’, roles that perhaps go unnoticed or are undervalued in contemporary society. She is interested in the role of an artist and the crossovers between being an artist and acting or playing out a role. The Exploiting of the mundanity of a role in society to be exhibited to an audience to highlight the importance of the role and to raise important questions based on the role.

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