AirSpace Studio Artists Exhibition

6-20 October, 2018

AirSpace Studio Artists come together to present a series of works spanning painting, sculpture, installation, photography and film.

Curated by studio member Joyce Iwaszko along with Dawn Jutton, the exhibition seeks to respond to No. 4 Broad Street - home to AirSpace Gallery and the 10 studio spaces - the building itself, covering both its history, its form and structure, and its present activities.
Exhibiting artists: Chloe Belcher, Bea Bromley, Kyle Cartlidge, Joyce Iwaszko, Amy-Lou Matthews, Lucy Moores, Jenna Naylor, Peter R. Smith, Blythe Taylor.


BLYTHE TAYLOR is an independent filmmaker and moved to Stoke-on-Trent after graduating from Kingston University London in 2015. Blythe describes her films as experiential documentary. She is interested in observing processes within society, industrial and the personal. Her most recent work engages with the contradictory reality of regeneration within a period of austerity and what this means for local artists and the gallery within a prime regeneration spot. INT/EXT looks at the external and internal of Airspace, its physicality and its presence as a contemporary art gallery within a predominantly working class city.

BEA BROMLEY explores haphazard creativity in whatever realm - from painting sculptures to the kitchen sink. The big bang caused dust particles to scatter and rearrange, forming everything you can see. There is always more behind what the eye can see. By revealing the layers of time which have passed within Airspace gallery, through excavating areas of the exhibition space, Beatrice will bring a coexistence of past and present, but also potentially a future of new ideas for who whom seek them.

LUCY MOORES is interested in capturing fluidity to resonate with the creative processes that flow through the art studios each day, and predominantly uses the act of pouring materials such as acrylic paint and resin. Her current work was initially influenced by an image she took at Airspace, of buckets gradually filling with water due to a leak coming through the roof onto the gallery staircase.
Steel buckets reminiscent of the city’s steelworks industry and pieces of Wedgwood pottery form a collection of containers, which link to the area’s history and mimic how the studio artists were adding more buckets to the steps each day to catch the drips. Water and seascapes are a recurrent theme in Lucy’s work and she has injected the ocean into her resin work within the containers.

PETER R. SMITH has exhibited at various galleries throughout Britain and Abroad. In 2014 ‘Smith’ was part of a curatorial team that set up an art exhibition named ‘Journeys, Pathways and Track Plans’ at Spode, Stoke-on-Trent, creating the opportunity for 18 artists to exhibited with funding from the Arts Council. Smith is interested in the significance of artificial life in our now everyday existence and what it may already mean to us today? Through this desire ‘Smith’ creates surrogate skins via casting such materials as clays, cement, silicone, wax or chocolate to become any such body forms new cellular surface.

JENNA NAYLOR takes a fantastical approach to field study, creating botanical and animal hybrids, grafted together into a strange evolutionary strain of alien flora and fauna that appear to be otherworldly. She carefully documents them using the conventions of Scientific and Botanical illustration, approaching the alien botany as if encountering the specimens for the first time. Her aim is to present ideas of a precarious nature with specimens that elude classification and have no clear origins.

KYLE CARTLIDGE plays with the stereotype of 'the tortured artist' borrowing ideas from the likes of Francis Bacon to form the composition of the work. The paintings depict a series of ‘black voids‘, in which a central figure interacts with in various ways across the paintings. They illustrate the process of initial thought, interaction and the birth of ideas, and are a direct response to the artist’s practice, where alongside painting much of his time is spent thinking in the studio.

JOYCE IWASZKO explores unconventional materials to create contemporary works, using ceramic pigments, clay, dirt, mixed media and paint. By incorporating colour, scale and texture, she aims to bring together histories and a sense of place. Iwaszko has been inspired by the recent ‘Brownfield Research Centre’ activity in and around the building, and the nearby brown field site. The geology of Broad Street is steeped in history including what is underfoot. Deep underground are the remnants of coloured ceramic pigments, a residue of the past, yet above grow coloured petals- the future.

CHLOE BELCHER An artist can struggle at times, sitting alone in the studio, thinking and doing. Sometimes the doing doesn't come out right. Noting frustrations in her practice Belcher focusses on the stages before creating work; a log of the thoughts she is faced with before producing work.

AMY-LOU MATTHEWS examines the sense of duality and mirroring, particularly within herself. Previously, She has been the subject and object, performer and director. Her attentions have shifted on to the role of the audience and invite them into the process, flipping the traditional relationship between artwork and audience and transform the spectator into an unintentional performer. Here Matthews reflects on her time with Airspace Gallery with the past year. “I have found my time with Airspace Gallery has been one of growth for my professional development as an artist, and with that comes growing pains".


The AirSpace Studio Artists' Exhibition is presented as part of DUST Rising - a broader visual arts project in the city which has opened up several of the city centre's arts and non-arts spaces to create an art trail that features new work created by 20 artists all associated with Stoke-on-Trent. Each venue presents work inspired by its building.

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AirSpace Studio Artists come together to present a series of works spanning painting, sculpture, installation, photography and film.

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