DIZZY HEIGHTS - Matt Robinson & Peter R. Smith

21st July to 18th August, 2007

‚ÄčDizzy Heights

Prepare yourself to be taken into a different world, a weird and strange place where dream like forms become reality and imaginations can wander unfettered by the everyday.

Dizzy Heights, brings together two exciting new artists Pete Smith and Matt Robinson, who have created bizarre and wonderful installations whose irresistible allure will challenge your perceptions of reality.

Sick Cloud by Matt Robinson

There is something from our childhood memories that resonates in Matt Robinson's work. The bright cartoon like colours and shapes put us at our ease, however on closer inspection we realise that "here be monsters".

A giant 3D work made from a combination of randomly collected objects and polyurethane mouldings, which muses on what an ethereal ever changing thing like a cloud would puke up if it could. Matt made the work in a process of what he calls "doodling", the bringing together of "stuff", some which is recycled, in the spirit of play. In this tide of "virtual" vomit we can pick out a seemingly never ending variety of visually entertaining mini-installations, which explode from the stream. In a colourful semi-abstract way these smaller works, some with intricately composed narratives, others which offer witty re-workings of recognisable images and icons, make up a ginormous whole articulating its own unique visual language.

The sheer volume and gusto with which Matt explores the notions of constant evolution and the setting off of themes of utopian visions against references of horror, decay and disgust, leaves us with feeling that a frenzied battle is taking place. The allure and beauty of the colours and fabric of the work draws us in, but once engaged the realisation of the awfulness of the object repels us, leaving a bitter sweet memory of the experience.

Wailing Wall by Pete Smith

A giant wall, but unlike other walls the function of this construct is to involve us to play. Like Sick Cloud, the wall is made from a random collection of unlikely objects, however this wall give forth utterances. Gently, familiar voices whisper familiar phrases, drawing us in, inviting us to explore and engage. Breaking the usual gallery convention of "please do not touch", we are invited not only to add to the work but to go one further and physically immerse ourselves in the work itself, investigating its interior and ultimately leaving our mark.

Both these works playfully ask questions about what is normal and real. Echos of Dali resonate in both, highlighting urgent present day questions of environment, politics and aesthetics. These works raise issues of modern day media, image and time and the way these things effect and play upon our very humanity, suggesting an unnerving fragility of our perceptions of the norm.

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Prepare yourself to be taken into a different world, a weird and strange place where dream like forms become reality and imaginations can wander unfettered by the everyday.

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