ARTISTS MAKE CHANGE has grown from conversations within the a-n Artist Council about how artists could/need to be better heard and represented within a national conversation, not solely within the arts, but in wider society.

We know that artists can & do make change - within their local communities, within organisations, and by linking up with others to take part in or lead local, regional & national campaigns, activism and direct action.

As part of a wider programme of generating useful online resources, content, activity & discussion, we want to encourage the formation of a number of PEER LEARNING GROUPS around the UK who want to focus on exploring what it means for artists to make change.


What is a peer learning group?

Peer learning is an effective way for individuals to come together to learn new things through processes of questioning, exploring, information gathering, discussion, discovery & sharing of findings. Peer learning groups replace the need for authoritative outsiders to ‘lead’ a process of learning in favour of learners sharing their own experiences, insights and new knowledge.

This type of collaborative learning allows people to challenge their own ideas and the ideas of others - which is an excellent way to learn and grow. By sharing thoughts, struggles, concerns, ideas, criticisms and support, peer learners can push their research and understanding further than they may have been able to do solo.

For Artists Make Change, we have prepared some suggested content for peer learning groups to watch, read, listen to and use as the basis of discussion. Please click HERE for more details, info and ideas about how to respond, how to structure your group and activities.


During Autumn/Winter 2020, we are offering some one-off Peer Learning Group bursaries.

We have FIVE Peer Learning Group bursaries of £400 per group. Peer Learning Groups can use these bursaries in any ways they wish to support their learning. This might include things like:

- Paying one or more members of the group for a few hours a month to look after the coordination of the group, or time to collate a report on the group’s activities.
- Costs involved with hosting the group - eg online video chat subscriptions, costs to help with group members’ access needs or other costs of meeting up (either face-to-face or online)
- Other types of facilitation costs - including inviting a speaker or facilitator to work with your group, costs for materials for activities or research etc.

Artists Make Change co-leads Glen Stoker & Rachel Dobbs will also be on hand to offer the bursary supported groups support via:

- Being available as an external check-in point for support and advisory if you are coming across any issues in your group.
- Suggestions on which of the Artists Make Change resources to investigate as a group & helping to shape your own learning itinerary.

In exchange for the Peer Learning Group bursary, we’d like each supported Peer Learning Group to report back in some way - via a member’s blog on a-n - that speaks about what the focus of the group’s discussions have been, what learning has happened, and where the group's interests have taken them. This could include a mix of text, images, links, drawings, audio, video etc - it’s up to you how you’d like to share your activities!


At least 1 person in the Peer Learning Group must be a current member of a-n & based in the UK - see for details. We encourage members of all communities engaging in arts activity to apply and/or form Peer Learning Groups - not just established artists / arts organisers. We especially welcome applications from people who might feel excluded from other visual arts opportunities.

We’d like the Peer Learning Group activities to take place between November 2020 and January 2021, with your finished report uploaded to the a-n blog by the end of January 2021.
- Submission Deadline : 30th September, 2020
- Peer Learning Group meetups / activities - Nov 2020 - Jan 2021
- Activity Report Deadline : 31st January, 2021

SEND AN EMAIL (or a short video/audio message) to with short bullet point answers to the following questions:

- Who will be the lead person(s) in your Peer Learning Group who will look after the cash, help bring the group together & be responsible for getting the report online?
Please give their name(s), email address(es) & contact phone number(s)
- Who will be part of your Peer Learning Group?
Give us an idea of how you will identify your group / get people to join / bring people together? How many people will take part? What’s the diversity of your group (age / gender / race / disability / social class / lived experience etc)? Do you already know each other or will you be meeting for the first time?
- Where are the people in your Peer Learning Group living / working / based?
This might be a range of geographical locations, or bring together people who are based in just one locality or region.
- How do you plan to meet up / learn together during Autumn / Winter 2020?
Will this be online / face-to-face / or a mix? How often do you plan to meet? How will you communicate with each other outside of meetings? When will you start & finish meeting up?
- What things are you most excited to learn together as a group about how Artists Make Change?
Will you be looking at any particular area of change-making or topics? What do you hope to gain from setting up & taking part in a Peer Learning Group? What difference do you think getting this bursary will make to you as a group?


In deciding which Peer Learning Groups will be supported via the 5 x bursaries:

- We want to support a mix of activities happening in different locations across the UK, with different types of people (ie different backgrounds / lived experiences etc), looking at a range of different topics. We will be taking this into account when we make our selections.
- We will also be thinking about who is most likely to benefit from the Bursary support and how this support can help new conversations or relationships to be formed, and/or strengthen existing relationships between people who engage in arts activity.


Artists Make Change is funded solely from R&D money allocated to a-n’s national Artists Council from a-n The Artists Information Company, which comes directly from their members (via the a-n membership fee). a-n & AirSpace Gallery (who are partnering on the project) both also receive funding support from Arts Council England, which is why the Artists Make Change project also carries the ACE logo. However, the Artists Make Change project does not receive any money or payment directly from Arts Council England (or from National Lottery sources).

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