AirSpace Gallery is working with L-13 Light Industrial Workshop to bring Jimmy Cauty's ESTATE - the follow-up to 2016's ADP RIOT TOUR - to Stoke-on-Trent for a World Premiere.

ESTATE is an interactive, multi-media touring artwork comprising of four concrete tower blocks built at 1:24 scale and displayed in a 40ft shipping container. It is in many ways a continuation of the ADP Riot Tour.

Each tower block is 17 floors high (approx. 2 metres) with meticulously crafted derelict interiors - some with lights, toilets and tiny TVs playing looped public information broadcasts. One tower block is dedicated to residential and light industrial Live Work Die units, another is a children’s prison, the third a high-rise residential care home, and the last appears to have functioned as a pagan religious centre. They are all empty and no one knows what happened to the inhabitants.

The container has three operating modes: LOCKDOWN, STANDBY and FULL ENGLISH

It will always be (where possible) invigilated by young people known as the Children of the Aftermath.


We are looking for interested people to become Children of the Aftermath.

NOTE: This opportunity is offered in compliance with all current Covid-19 regulations.
NOTE: This activity is happening in Stoke-on-Trent, and applicants must be able to transport themselves to and from the city.
NOTE: This opportunity is open to all, regardless of skills, experiences and backgrounds, and we particularly encourage applications from those who might sometimes feel excluded from arts activities.


When invigilating ESTATE, you will

– Help ensure the full working processes of ESTATE (full instructions will be given - the induction session is a requirement of membership)
– Need to welcome visitors, prepared to introduce the work, and ensure a safe passage through the container, before welcoming visitors back out, at the far side.
– Assist with documentation of the session, photographically and with audio capture.
– Engage with visitors and guests throughout the session, handing out promotional material, and answering any questions.
– Ensure the full closing procedure is carried out at the end of the session (full instructions will be given - the induction session is a requirement of membership)

Each Invigilation session will last for 5 Hours and run from 12pm-5pm


Invigilators will need to commit to the full 5 hours, and must attend an Induction session on September 25th at 3pm, where all aspects of the operation of ESTATE will be explained by Jimmy Cauty.


Invigilators will receive £60 plus refreshments for each invigilation session carried out.


Email applications must be received by September 22nd.


Email with the following:

– Your Name
– Your Email Address
– A statement about why you'd like to become a member of The Children of the Aftermath - (100 words max)
– Confirmation that you can attend the induction session on 25 September at 3pm
– The session or sessions you would like to invigilate (see below for session options)


SUNDAY 27/09/20
FRIDAY 02/10/20
SATURDAY 03/10/20
THURSDAY 08/10/20
FRIDAY 09/10/20
SUNDAY 11/10/20
THURSDAY 15/10/20
SATURDAY 17/10/20
THURSDAY 22/10/20
SATURDAY 24/10/20

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