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A brand new open call opportunity for 2022, to exhibit in one of the country's leading artist-led art galleries. The AirSpace Gallery Window reaches a large, varied and appreciative daily audience and this is a chance both to exhibit finished works and to test ambitious new work in an established gallery setting. We encourage submissions from artists working in any medium, and whilst we will look carefully at all submissions, an advantage in selection will be gained from proposing work which shows an understanding of and realises the possibilities of the space.

In particular, we would like to see proposals which look past simple reference to shop displays and consider the following

movement and animation of space
reference to contemporary societal concerns

DEADLINE: 18 February, 2022 - end of day
EXHIBITION DATES : 05 – 18 March, 2022
(05 March will be install day - 18 March will be de-install day)

Please note:
chance of selection will be enhanced with the inclusion of visual representation of your proposal plan in your submission, .
the aspect of the window is towards the south so receives full sun. Please consider this if you propose to use screen-based media, as this is prone to poor visibility in the sunlight, or if planning to use materials sensitive to heat due to the increased temperature of the space.
unfortunately, this opportunity is not open to current under-graduates.

Click HERE for examples of previous InTheWindow works.

* This is a Covid-19 Compliant Opportunity - access to the exhibition space is fully accessible while adhering to social distancing guidelines. All surfaces will be sanitised before and after installation and take-down. Please contact the Gallery with any questions or concerns.


Applicants should submit the following, by email, in a single pdf:

INTHEWINDOW PROPOSAL: A written proposal of what you would like to do in the window and why (300 words max). You should also demonstrate why such a particular space is important to the proposal. Visual representations of how you imagine the work in the space will aid selection. Please include any special requirements you may need.

YOU AND YOUR WORK: A brief introduction to your background and current practice (300 words max)

CV: An up-to-date relevant artist’s CV. Please include links to your work, previous exhibitions or other information that may help us to make a decision.

IMAGES: 5 good quality images - these should include current work and/or previous work.

To submit your application, or for further information about how to apply, or to arrange a site visit, then please email Glen Stoker with the subject In The Window 2022.

*** We would ask that prior to application, you take note of the fee on offer and the added value of support offered by AirSpace. This will help in determining whether this opportunity is right for you. This is an Open Call opportunity, open to all levels of practitioner and we particularly welcome applications from practitioners identifying with socio-economic groups who may be/are currently under represented in the arts***


FEES: Successful applicants are awarded an all-inclusive artists' fee of £150 plus travel expenses (while we will look to reimburse all reasonable travel costs, we would appreciate if successful applicants would source the cheapest relevant travel options).

INSTALL and DEINSTALL: Installation and de-installation is the responsibility of the artist, however, we are happy to offer install support where needed - this should be made clear in your proposal

GALLERY OFFER: AirSpace Gallery will promote the artist and exhibited work on our website and/or blog as well as via our social media outlets. For promotional purposes, successful applicants will be expected to supply images relevant to their working practices and a statement about the exhibited work.


The exhibition area on offer consists of one main window space - to the right of the main doorway, which overlooks the main thoroughfare into the City Centre. Please note that the window space to the left of the doorway is not part of the In The Window programme.

The full area of the bay window is glazed providing two large plate glass windows at the front and a narrow window of the same height on either side.
The interior has a floor which is level with the bottom of the glazing, this is painted white.
The back of the space is a full size pine door, which allows full access in and out of the space even when closed, via an "escape" hatch.
The dimensions of the back wall for exact coverage are 2955mm x 2820mm.
Artists are welcome to paint, drill, or use screw fixings wherever necessary, however, the space is expected to be returned to a fit state upon de-install.
The window has a single fluorescent tube light which provides lighting from above, plus additional LED spotlights.
Electrical power to the space is available.
It is possible to leave works requiring an electrical supply switched on throughout the day and night (respecting the manufacturers guidance for the use of the equipment).
The aspect of the window is towards the south so receives full sun, a consideration if you propose to use screen-based media, as this is prone to poor visibility in the sunlight, or materials sensitive to heat, due to potentially high temperatures in the space.


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