19 November - 18 December, 2021
DEADLINE: 05 November, 11.59pm
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SpeakEasy comes from a place of protest and an urgency to speak out and be heard. Inspired by the print revolution, which gave platform to voices that were unheard, reaching an audience of the hitherto under (or selectively) informed. Well into the mid‐fifteenth century, books remained printed by hand, and were thus harder to obtain. Exposure to books and their information was predominantly a privilege of the wealthy, that is until Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. Gutenberg's invention revolutionised western culture in ways that would help shape and spread political and ideological change, and encourage revolution.

….And when we speak we are afraid
Our words will not be heard
Nor welcomed
But when we are silent we are still afraid.

So it is better to speak
We were never meant to survive

- Audre Lorde (A Litany for Survival)

The paradox of the internet age, and its social media platforms suggesting we all have a voice and a platform to speak, is that in many ways it has never been harder to be heard. There’s a morass of opinions today - so thick that, to stand out and be heard has never been more difficult.

The artist has a crucial voice.Our skilled way of identifying the crux of an issue and then demonstrating it simply, and tellingly. So, SpeakEasy acts as an artists' platform, a threshold - or information conduit - between the artist and the passerby, between the gallery and the street. It is a window onto the world, sharing the ways that artists are currently interpreting the world around us.

There seemed to be no colour in anything, except the posters that were plastered everywhere
- George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1948)

We are looking for UK-based creative practitioners with proven experience of a print-based practice, looking for supported time to develop new ideas and explore new practice concerns. In exchange, we will hope to work with the successful candidate with a view to developing the accessibility and reach of our current print resource.
The selected artist will:
- have the opportunity to test and experiment with new practice concerns, share their thinking and works in a public setting
- help us to explore the potential and engage in developmental work of our new print services and equipment
- produce a final print installation/exhibition for our XMAS IN THE WINDOW exhibition series.

Note: Evidence of experience in setting up, or involvement in, print-based collectives/co-operatives, or community resources will be an advantage in selection.

The residency will include a series of public workshops, delivered by external practitioners, designed to activate the specific pieces of equipment and services currently on offer.

- Adana Letterpresses - 2 6x4 and 2 7x5 letterpresses, with a limited range of type.
- Bewick and Wilson etching press - suitable for printing etchings, drypoint, monoprint, woodcut, linocut and collagraph. It can also be used for photopolymer plates (intaglio and relief) and embossing.
- Risograph machine with black, yellow, cyan and pink inks.
- Gestetner Press

Workshop 1 - Risograph workshop
workshop artist, dates and times tba
Workshop 2 - Etching Press works with Tracy Hill
dates and times tba
Workshop 3 - Bookbinding with Piotr Jarosz (I Make Books)
04 December, 2021 times tba
Workshop 4 - Introduction to Gestetner with L-13's Steve Lowe
11 December, 2021 times tba

The Residency will run for 4 weeks from 19 November to 18 December, 2021

Deadline for submissions: Friday 5 November, 2021 11.59pm

We expect a minimum of 10 working days across the 4 weeks of the residency. There will be times when residency activity will be open to the public and to members of our Print Club

In addition to the residency working, the successful applicant will deliver 1 public workshop, engage with gallery staff in some Print Room development activity, and attend and support in at least 2 of the designated equipment activating workshops.

The residency will culminate in a final exhibition of works made, developed in collaboration with Gallery staff, to be displayed in our exhibition window spaces for our Xmas InTheWindow exhibition series.

The successful applicant will receive an artist fee of £1500 plus upto £400 towards materials. This fee is augmented by gallery support, including promotion via our web and social media outlets, documentation of works and critical support.

Accommodation and travel costs can be covered if necessary.

AirSpace Gallery staff will provide ongoing logistical, technical and critical support.

AirSpace Gallery will promote and document works throughout the residency period.

The successful resident will have the full use of the Print Room, and equipment - letterpresses, riso machine, etching press and gestetner - as a residency studio, for the making of their work.

Please send your residency application in a single pdf, by email to mail@airspacegallery.org with SpeakEasy Residency in the title. Your application should include the following:

PROPOSAL - An illustrated residency statement of up to 500 words to cover:
- your residency idea(s) - what you intend to research, explore, respond to during your residency and how this will aid practice development
- your residency approach/structure
- your approach to exploring effective development and/or co-operative working of our Print Room
- outline of 1 public workshop
- outline of experience in using one or more of; Adana Letterpress, Flatbed Etching Press, Risograph, Gestetner

YOU AND YOUR WORK - An up-to-date artist’s statement - up to 200 words and including name, address and a relevant artist’s cv
ADDITIONAL MATERIAL - 5 good quality images of recent works
ADDITIONAL INFO - Up-to-date weblinks and social media links

AirSpace Gallery is committed to high standards in equal opportunities. We will consider applications from artists working in all relevant artforms, and encourage submissions from those who often consider themselves excluded from arts opportunities.

To submit your application, or for further information about how to apply, or to arrange a site visit, then please email Glen Stoker at mail@airspacegallery.org with SpeakEasy Residency in the subject line.

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