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Selected from an Open Call for our SpeakEasy Print Residency, Deborah Rogers sets out her approach aims and motivations.


I have been exploring Becoming Animal to help me dismantle and further understand the complex issues of transformation during menopause, becoming dog-headed to help me explore this change from a new perspective. I have created three bodies of work Becoming Animal, Becoming Animal at the Dinner Table and Still Becoming.
The theme of SpeakEasy directed my thoughts to the parallel between the voicelessness experienced by women during menopause, and the unrepresented voice of non-human animals.

During the residency, I will work with PERCY, one of our family dogs to explore our animal voices and try to express them through the powerful medium of print.

BECOMING ANIMAL has different meanings for us. For me it sits with my ongoing female transformation still questioning what it is I am becoming. According to the thinking of Deleuze and Guattari’s becoming-animal, as an artist who uses performance to help me express myself, I am potentially already Animal. Percy is an animal and yet to be considered as artist.
(*A Thousand Plateaus 1980)

We will approach this residency in a responsive way; I with what is at hand; what and who is here; and Percy will be led by his curiosity, his desire to explore, have attention and companionship.

This opportunity will let us spend time together to develop my learning around coproduction. Can we create work that is truly coproduced, and collaborative?

I aim to develop new performative rituals based on that learning to inspire new print works that include both of our voices.

Throughout Deborah's residency there will be a weekly series of Print Workshops - each activating a particular piece of equipment - and offering the chance to engage with the residency and make a new work for yourselves to take home. Details of the SpeakEasy Print Workshops can be found HERE

Deborah Rogers is an artist who uses a range of different materials and characters to assist my enquiries. She has recently explored notions of animality and rituals that help with behavioural, physical, and emotional change. Her character MsDMeanar, plays with performative acts and has been researching ways to transform myself. Deborah has been documenting the rituals using photography film and printmaking techniques.
During her perimenopause in 2015, she questioned what she was becoming. In response, she began to collaborate with her dog Percy, merging with him to become dog headed. This helped her explore her menopausal experience of transformation from a new perspective.

Deborah is a freelance artist and has worked across the Midlands for over 30 years. For many of those years she has worked as a participatory artist for The Cultural Sisters, an organisation she co-founded in 1995.

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