12 – 25 NOVEMBER, 2021
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REBECCA MOSS returns to AirSpace to present a round-up exhibition from her Summer residency with us. This showreel of 4 films, made in her garden in Essex results from her 5 week residency in Stoke-on-Trent, spent walking the city, noticing sculptural forms and industrial systems and glitches.

During my time in Stoke-on-Trent, I found myself especially attracted to the post-industrial architecture, with its mechanical elements like winches, pulleys and locks still intact on old factory buildings. I loved wandering along the canal system and encountering these features: they really spoke to my fascination with mechanisms and systems. These have often made an appearance in my ongoing short video series, in which I stage interactions between my body and the landscape. Mechanistic elements feature in slapstick comedy and I am especially attracted to them as they suggest a relationship with the natural world based on physics and matter. Considering the complex relationship humans have with the natural world, I think mechanisms seem to reflect this precariousness, especially when they go wrong.

The works I am showing are new ideas that I have developed since my residency, all taking place in my garden and focusing on mechanical elements. It feels like I am showing inside my sketchbook, my rough and quick experiments. I love gardens for their strange domestic and controlled, yet wild, quality. I realised that every idea I have had over the last ten years for my short videos has been tried and tested first in my back garden. This residency has also therefore been a great opportunity for me to reflect on the mechanisms and processes that go on behind the scenes within my practice.

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