16 - 24 January, 2015
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O is a solo exhibition by Naomi Harwin - the culmination of her AirSpace Gallery Graduate Residency - encompassing sculpture, painting, drawing, assemblage and installation.

Naomi Harwin’s process-based practice sets out to investigate our relationship with objects and spaces and is activated through the creation of her own forms. Striking up a dialogue between an object and its represented image, she questions the representations ability to inform our understanding of our environment.

The objects go through a process of evaluation, extraction and deconstruction, separating them into layers of information. This articulates the facets and features of the objects while triggering the construction of new arrangements

In her exhibition ‘O’, Harwin combines a number of components and parts, each work revealing a snippet of information about its original form. She considers the relations between these respective parts as well as their relation to the viewer. ‘O’ brings together a collection of works through which a dialogue is created in an attempt to form a whole.

Each piece to be exhibited was made through a process of studying, extracting and deconstructing a selection of very small plasticine forms. Through this process-based practice, each sculpture, drawing and print reveals a snippet of information about the original object. Examining the transference of information from a three-dimensional form to a two-dimensional plane the work will explore the representation and its ability to inform our understanding of our environment. One of the main sculptural works focuses on the process of deconstruction, separating an image into layers of information, which then allows the possibility to construct new arrangements. Engaging with our visual senses and spatial awareness of objects and forms my exhibition will create an analysis of systems of understanding, exploring the dialogue between a form and its represented image.

As a recent graduate looking to better establish my practice and create a greater awareness of my work, the chance of a solo exhibition is a valuable developmental step for my artistic career. Throughout my degree I took part in and organised a number of group exhibitions. This was a fantastic way to contextualize my work in relation to the work of others and understand the organizational process. Those experiences enabled me to better understand my practice, but at times limited what I was able to practically do. A solo show offers a greater freedom to develop all aspects of my practice and an exhibition that achieves my vision for the work.
My aim is to put together an exhibition that showcases the artworks made over my six-month graduate residency. The artworks will display the recent developments and progressions achieved during the residency, offering an insight into the graduate programme at AirSpace.

- Naomi Harwin


The AirSpace Gallery Graduate Residency Scheme, running since 2012, seeks to tackle graduate retention in Stoke-on-Trent and offers new arts graduates an opportunity to bridge the gap between education and a professional arts career. Residents receive free personal studio space for 6 months, and full access to the Gallery's facilities. There is an emphasis on professional development, with a series of monthly mentoring meetings, led by Gallery directors and invited artists. The scheme offers two exhibition opportunities within the Gallery - an interim exhibition in the AirSpace Window Space and the final all-important solo exhibition.