13 – 28 FEBRUARY, 2021
instructions from Bea to Stefan 2/14
instructions #1 from Stefan to Bea 3/14
instructions #2 from Stefan to Bea 4/14
For their duo exhibition Cause and Reflect (Dilating Loops), artists Stefan Bakmand (DK) and Bea Bromley (UK) each created a set of drawing instructions for the other to follow.

Over the course of the exhibition period, Bromley will follow two sets of instructions by Bakmand: one for a spiral that expands outwards, and another for a circle that collapses in on itself. His instructions focus on the line - how it can be made, how it can be shaped, and how it can progress across the surface. Bromley will interpret these instructions over time, drawing directly on the windowpane to gradually cover more and more glass with circular lines.

Bakmand will similarly visualize his interpretive process with a GIF documenting the step-by-step buildup of his drawing. Bromley’s instructions do not dictate what to draw, but rather how to emanate the drawing from within. She focuses on the embodied experience of drawing, connecting the mark on the page to the arm, the heartbeat, the senses, and the mind of the drawer. Bakmand’s GIF seemingly traces this path, as the image of a Vitruvian man proliferates outwards in an increasingly dense circular pattern.

We exist in cycles. Loops of routine, processing time in various events, exerting energy until we pass. Like a carousel we go in circles, because there was something we missed the last time, something we didn’t see yet. We go over it again and again and discover new things.
Then this energy too is passed on. Coming back to itself.
The face of entropy pushing forward, seeking novelty.
Circular, spiral, in, out, endlessly, reacting, reflecting, resulting and continuing.

I am here, that is clear as a crystal. But the light in the crystal changes.
Controlled or contorted? Fixed or fraying? Circular or spiralling?
- Bromley & Bakmand, 2021


Bea Bromley is an experimental painter who often uses paint as sculptural material to explore notions of impermanence, attention, and spacetime. Educated at Nottingham Trent University and Newcastle-under-Lyme College, Bromley has been in residence at AirSpace Gallery since June 2018.

Stefan Bakmand’s research-oriented artistic practice explores the evolution of consciousness and its relation to spirituality, mysticism and the occult. Bakmand graduated from Det Jyske Kunstakademi (Aarhus, Denmark) in 2015 and is now based in Corporum, an artist-run studio collective for recent graduate artists.


Cause and Reflect (Dilating Loops) is the fifth exhibition in Call & Response, an experimental project that activates two window galleries (The Demo Room in Aarhus, Denmark and AirSpace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent, UK) as sites for collaborative exhibition-making. Earlier in the project, Bromley and Bakmand mounted back-to-back solo exhibitions in The Demo Room, where Bakmand’s exhibition was made in direct response to Bromley’s. Now with their duo exhibition, the artists further explore their shared interests in time, perception, and circular artistic processes.

Call & Response is curated by Pamela Grombacher, in collaboration with AirSpace Gallery and Galleri Image. The project is supported by the Danish Art Foundation, the City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen), Arts Council England, and Stoke-on-Trent City Council.