OBJECTS and ORNAMENTS / WANT - Tom Verity and Jack Waddington

Graduate Residency Interim Exhibitions
The Resource Room at AirSpace
7th-10th and 13th to 16th December, 2016

At the midpoint of their 6-month residency, Tom Vertity and Jack Waddington, both, recent painting graduates from Camberwell College of Arts, offer an insight into their residency explorations in a pair of consecutive short run exhiobitions. The artists showcase regionally inspired new works, including ceramic installations and cartographical models.

Tom Verity
Objects and Ornaments
7th to 10th December, 2016

Objects and Ornaments is an exhibition of works displaying the evolution of Tom's practice over the first half of the residency. The work investigates the boundaries between sculpture, painting and Installation. Tom’s pieces consist of a process of deconstruction of the traditional elements of these mediums, which are then recombined into a new composition.

His recent work recent work aims to use the medium of ceramics within the context of contemporary sculpture to construct hand made pieces that contrast with found objects to explore the conventions of the material. The work plays with the ideas of function and ornament using balance and weight to create unique compositions. As well as investigating display and hanging mechanisms, questioning the hierarchy of the gallery space and looking at the borders between functional material and ornament. The ceramic pieces aim to give new function to the material by using it in a variety of new and innovative situation and working with the clay's innate qualities.

Jack Waddington
13th to 16th December, 2016

Want is an exhibition that explores the relationship between mind and the environment, with a particular focus on utopian and dystopian notions of a constructed place.

Through an on-going exploration into narcissistic ideals within art and western civilisation, Jack's recent works offer a correlation between the innocence of child’s play and the vulnerability of a society seduced by a fabricated and constructed setting. The works look at well-being and how we desire satisfaction from an environment that may or may not offer it. Using the polycentric city Stoke-on-Trent as a geographical substrate for his figurative assemblages, Jack has constructed chaotic scenes that explore the dichotomy between satisfaction and distress and the tactile relationship between found and handmade materials.

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Halfway through their Graduate Residencies, Tom Verity and Jack Waddington exhibit their works in progress.

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