AIRSPACE is a gallery, project space and studios, led by and run by artists. From our base in Stoke-on-Trent we champion the artist and their work, and advocate for a broader role for the arts in society.

Through a dynamic, critical and evolving programme of exhibitions, residencies, events, social and off-site projects, we provide opportunities and developmental support for artists across the career spectrum - delivering engaged and engaging contemporary visual arts. Working independently and with local and national partners, we mix frequent open calls with invites to ensure a vibrant and responsive programme.

AirSpace Gallery was set up in 2006 by David Bethell and Andrew Branscombe, both Fine Art undergraduates at Staffordshire University, who were dissatisfied with the vacuum of contemporary visual arts in the city at the time. The Gallery’s ethic of mixing opportunities for local and young career artists with high quality exhibitions from artists beyond the region, saw its reputation grow as an exemplar of artist-led activity, and endures today.

Now, housed in a grand old Victorian building (formerly the headquarters of the Gas Board) and embedded in the City Centre since 2007, we work to persuade for the role of an art gallery within a city community, and the necessity of its complementary presence amongst more familiar high street neighbours. We promote the values of the collective and community, and the role of the arts within, as a force for change.

While maintaining a thoughtful, ideas-based and critical approach to our activities, our programme seeks to open up the gallery and its processes for all. Public engagement is always central to what we do, as we strive to create a thriving, inclusive and democratic communal space for artists to mix with those maybe less used to the arts.

Our programme of events is constantly being updated, and you can keep up-to-date through our mailing list, facebook or twitter pages. Go to our Contact page for more details.

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