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Deborah Rogers is an artist that uses a range of materials, techniques and characters. As MsDmeanar she plays around with performative acts and as Debbie Doodar she fabricates items and ideas for MsDMeanar to play with, often reconstructing garments, hoarded fabrics and found items to make sculptures, props, and outfits. Deborah documents this using analogue printmaking techniques, photography and photomontage.

Deborah has been focussed on Becoming Animal to explore transformation, particularly that related to women and specifically menopause. She often works with her rescue dogs Percy and Michael to help develop her understanding and perception and they will often be joining her in the studio.

After completing an MA in Fine Art, Film and Photography in 2021, she is now studying the ethics related to performance artists co-working, coproducing with animals, as part of her PhD study at Derby University.

Her arts practice began in 1990 after graduating in Fine Art at Staffs University. She hjas also worked as a participatory artist for 25 years specialising in arts and health with The Cultural Sisters. Her working-class background influences her approach and attitude to art and engagement. Her desire to involve the audience and collaborate with others, began early in her independent arts practice.


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