9 – 23 APRIL, 2021
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April's InTheWindow presents two series of paintings made by Terry Shave over the last 12 months during various Covid-19 Lockdowns.

The two series, The Significance of Absence and Pandemonium Revisited have been produced over this past year alongside all the Covid restrictions and lock downs and reflect on our times, my own previous works and a view of a current, fast changing world. I have always been interested in the idea of place as a negotiation of who we are and how we are understood. Those moments where we are all on the threshold of moving to another ‘place’; those sensory thresholds that are at a point of intellectual, and visual negotiation with ourselves, none more so than during a pandemic. Trying to capture in a panoramic still image an active chasm, void or missed event has been my challenge, that and trying to give it an optimistic substance too.

Originally produced to be seen individually, my process of working on them in groups in my studio has become a preferred way to look at them. A visual Mantra of the issues or a sequence, as in a graphic novel, of a relentless falling through a void down into an endless cacophony of life and turmoil. Spectacular and hopefully, compelling in their own way
- Terry Shave, 2021

Terry Shave was educated at Loughborough College and the Slade School in London, he now lives in Staffordshire with a studio at the old Spode Works in Stoke and is an Emeritus Professor of Fine Art. He has had work in nearly 200 solo and mixed exhibitions; these include The World Artists Festival in Seoul, South Korea, The Presence of Painting in Sheffield and The Artist and the City at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery and AirSpace. His solo exhibition venues include New York, London and Birmingham. He has won prizes in the John Moore’s painting exhibition in Liverpool and is represented in The National Collection with work in UK museums and the Arts Council. Shave has also initiated a significant range of arts projects nationally many focusing on location specific intervention work exploring socio-political and historical interpretations of sites. He was a founder member of UK Young Artists, a young artist support agency based in the Midlands.