7 July, 2018
Our next Artist Soup Kitchen is an extended version, responding to our current project The Brownfield Research Centre - and includes an offsite workshop exploring a Brownfield Site and learning the processes in and how to make your own Herbarium.

The Artist Soup Kitchens at AirSpace are talks and workshops to explore support networks, good practice and sustainability of the arts and artists in a changing climate. We have noticed that some of the best conversations happen over a good hearty meal and so the Artist Soup Kitchen events provide an opportunity to meet up in a relaxed and special environment, and talk over the main issues facing artists today - all over a delicious bowl of homemade soup, and specially baked bread.

For "Brownfields-Sites of Special Scientific Interest" we have invited leading Bryologist (moss (and lychen) man) Martin Godfrey to lead this double-pronged Soup Kitchen.

First we will visit a local Brownfield site, where Martin will lead us on an investigative tour of the Site - identifying plants and explaining their genesis. We'll be collecting specimens, where on our return to the Gallery, we'll learn how to create our own Herbariums ( a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data used for scientific study).

Second, The Soup Kitchen itself will follow this activity - Martin will present on the theme of the ecological imortance of Brownfield sites and the special characteristics of the hardy plants which arrive and thrive on them. Following the presentation, we'll open up the discussion to explore future possibilities and potential for these sites.

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The duration of this Artist Soup Kitchen is set at 4 hours, beginning promptly at 11.00 am with the visit to the Brownfield and herbarium workshop. The Soup Kitchen itself begins at 1.30pm and runs for a further 2 hours with a prompt 3.30pm finish.

Seats at the Artist Soup Kitchen Table are limited, so to avoid disappointment, please book early, and only if you fully intend to attend.

***The Soup Kitchens are free to attend, but guests will be asked to donate an amount they feel the event was worth.***